About KS Data SystemsA Software Development Company

Our Vision


KS Data Systems is a Software Development Company  providing a unique offering of technology to small, medium and large scale enterprise businesses.  Our motto,  back 25 years ago, remains the same today. And that is to deliver the most  elaborate web solution to each and every client.  Whether your needs range from Web Development to Custom Web Solutions, we are experts in all phases of IT.  

KS Data Systems - A Software Development Company

Personal Message

My name is Ken Skversky and I am the Founder and CEO of KS Data Systems.  Twenty Five years ago, I started with just one client and vowed, by word of mouth, I would build this business through hard work and customer loyalty. I personally work with each and every customer to maintain and deliver exceptional services.

Please reach out to me, personally, at

ken.skversky@ksdatasystems.net or

215-990-5261 .

I look forward to hearing from you.

Our Strategy


Each and every customer is unique. Thus, our approach is unique, as well. We .listen to our customers. Your ideas, along with our creative approach, makes for a rich and rewarding experience. Your word of mouth is our most important asset.


We’re excited that you decided to visit us.  Won’t you please take a brief moment to tell us more about your IT needs.  By simply filling out the short form below, we promise you a prompt response.

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Outstanding Customer Service is our #1 goal. We strive for satisfaction and accept nothing less. We’re all about relationship building.

Cost Effective and Reasonable is what our customers say about us. We  maintain a low overhead and our prices reflect our business model.  

Agile Methodologies ensures quick development life cycles which, in turn, keeps projects within budget and on-time deployment.

Competency comes with over 25 years IT experience in the industry.  We take pride in our work and accept nothing short of superior.

Software Development Services that cover a wide range of solutions.  From web to mobile to database integration and much much more. We invite you to take a look at all our services.